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Get your mind out of the gutter!! This is a winter mileage contest for anyone in the Kansas City metro, boys and girls. The start of winter for 2017-18 is December 21, 2017 and ends March 19, 2018 (first day of spring is March 20th). Each 100 miles ridden earns you a raffle ticket. We will draw one winner at random plus award the top rider. Each winner gets the following prizes: a pin of your choice from our stash, a $10 gift certificate to somewhere middle-class fancy, and a certificate with your miles ridden (you special snowflake you). So break out your long john's and don the down... it's about to get nippy!!

1. If you live in the KC metro, register between now - December 31st using that day's odometer reading. Use the form below, it's free. We will email you back your ID # for reporting your odometer readings. Stick to one bike only per registration please.

2. Submit your mileage on the 15th of each month (January 15th, February 15th, March 19th*) by emailing a picture of your odometer to pistonannies@gmail.com (we will send you a reminder).

3. Instead of reporting your odometer reading on March 15th, record your odometer reading on March 19th when you get done riding. March 19th is the last day to rack up the miles!

4. Contest ends March 20th at 11:59PM to give you a day to enter your ending odometer reading. The person with the highest miles ridden during December 21 - March 19 wins! Everyone with mileage entered (other than the top mileage winner) will get one raffle ticket per full 100 miles and then a raffle winner will be drawn. So even if you don't have the most miles ridden, you can still win! Your odds increase the more you ride though.