Why should I sign up to be a member of the Piston Annies?

Women are social creatures. And we all need a girl's night out every once in awhile. Why not make it a girl's ride out every once in awhile? Here you will be surrounded with women who get along with the biker in you and understand that a night out on the town sometimes requires dirty scuffed up boots instead of cute booties. We all met through mutual friends and bonded. We want everyone to have what we have - genuine friendship with the added bonus of motorcycles.

Where does my money go?

Honey, it costs a lot of money to look this cheap. Your money goes towards the website, coordinating bitchin' events, printing t-shirts and other materials. We organized an awesome party at Blip Roasters last April and this May we are helping coordinate International Female Ride Day. This takes time and money, although we do try to get local businesses to help support the cause.

Why should I get an AMA membership?

Let's face it, bikers get a bad rap. Signing up for an AMA membership helps promote the image of the 99% biker. It's not required to join the Piston Annies, but with enough AMA members we can charter the group and start participating more in the community with AMA sanctioned events. Plus, AAA support included with an auto-renewal membership for your household and discounts never hurt anyone. See here for more info: AMA Membership


Not so fast. Don't just take our word, come spend time with us.  Let's get to know one another. Ask someone in the group to be your sponsor. Read our constitution and by-laws. If you're convinced this is the group for you, then fill out an application and pay the initial sign up fee. That covers your initiation swag (copper stamped bracelet and piston key-ring) and dues for the remainder of the calendar year. Once you fill out the initial paperwork and we decide, we will honor you in an inaugural ride and the rest is history!

Constitution and By-Laws

Membership Application