Initial fee for membership application is $25



  • Must be a woman

  • Must own and operate your own motorcycle

  • M endorsement on driver’s license recommended

  • AMA membership recommended

We both want this to be a good fit. Attend any and all meetups/rides/events! Find an Annie to sponsor you. Then fill out the application below. Once your application and payment are received, you will be notified. Once you are officially inducted, you will be honored in a Piston Annies sponsored ride and be presented a t-shirt and piston key ring.

By submitting below you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our constitution and by-laws. You understand that we are not a motorcycle club, but a riding/social club. You also agree to uphold the reputation of the Piston Annies and always act in a dignified and classy manner. You agree to respect your fellow woman. All photography and promotion of Piston Annies is for the exclusive use of the Piston Annies and is subject to approval/reposting/modification as requested.

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